Mara Jambor

I want my paintings to appeal not only to one’s eye, but also to one’s heart. I hope that what I have painted communicates to you - speaks to you and perhaps touches your soul.
— Mara
Practice Makes Perfect
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Practice Makes Perfect

12" x 9" Oil on canvas panel

Brighten My Day
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Brighten My Day

16" x 14" Acrylic on Wood

Mara’s paintings reflect an exuberant personality that embraces life. She tackles a myriad of subjects with verve and vitality. The viewer is drawn in by the colorful and expressive nature of her work. However, this expressiveness does not get in the way of her truth telling about the subject. She gives the viewer content with a dash of fun. I am looking forward to seeing more art in whatever form it takes from the delightful Mara Jambor.
— Kay Lewis, Madison, AL Contemporary Impressionist painter and teacher
As a child my family went to northern Wisconsin every summer to a beautiful, small island. These were the best memories of my life. My sister and I had many photos of the various areas of the island, e.g., the cabin, the boathouse, and the beautiful pine and birch trees. I so wanted paintings of this magical place so between my sister and me we provided many photos and information as to how we wanted to have the paintings done . Mara took the photos and painted two pieces of beautiful art, a summer and a fall view of the island. She nailed it perfectly. We both have these in our homes and so enjoy them everyday. Thank you, Mara for such a wonderful gift.
— Brenda Music, Birmingham, Alabama
I love good art! Not colors thrown on a canvas in a creative way, but art that reflects the work of an artist with a natural talent who has honed her skill. Birmingham has many talented artists, and I cherish each of their pieces I have acquired.
But Mara Jambor stands alone as the artist from whom I have purchased seven paintings!
I consider these pieces to be not just a source of great enjoyment, but a promising investment in an artist whose works will increase in value over the years to come. I have even started a collection for my son and his family! I think you should, too!
— Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith, President Emerita, Birmingham-Southern College


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